Tea & Coffee, the experience behind the taste

Established in 1936, Drury remains a family business with the third generation of Olmis now running the company. They have earned a reputation for quality and consistency among top restaurants.

It is a proud boast that between them, their customers hold 30 Michelin stars. Coffeeworks is proud to be an accredited distributor.

Caffè Reale

Created in 1954, this is our first – and still one of our most popular espresso coffee blends. Perfectly balanced for espresso, cappuccino and lattè, this dark roast is smooth and rich with a long, intense finish.

Caffè Roma

Our strongest espresso. A heavy liquoring, high-caffeine blend that produces a long lasting crema and a punchy, nutty flavour. Not for the faint-hearted.

Espresso Riserva

Pure Arabica espresso blend. A fine, rounded character enhanced by a smooth and sweet finish. Particularly good for espresso and ristretto.